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This is truly a unique creative and artistic experience to create memories with your partner, loved one, family member or best friend.

Completely guided by Greer, during your 3.5hours of fun and creativity, she'll help you bring out your own creative and hidden talents - many say they don't have a creative bone in their body but she'll prove you wrong!

This workshop with Greer is in her private art studio in Semaphore, where you'll not only learn about her creative passion, natural artistic skills and unique techniques, but you'll explore them together. Then the three of you will get to work, creating a masterpiece (or two smaller pieces) for your home or special space.

Greer Tappert is a South Australian Artist based in the Western suburbs, along the coast, surrounded by the many things which inspire her - mother earth, nature, creatures great and small, and the beautiful ocean.

It's not often you get to spend 1:1 time with an artist, getting to know their creative way of thinking and artistic insights - so this is truly a special time and wonderful way of creating lasting memories too! What is also special is that you'll not only have your painting to take home, but have a greater understanding of the process and techniques you applied.

This workshop also makes a wonderful gift for that special person in your life - chip in with family and friends as a shared gift to give them that truly unique experience for their 40th, 50th, special anniversary even?

Have any questions? No problems. Get in touch with Greer, she loves to answer them as she too believes in informed decisions!

Workshop for two

  • Included in your workshop is:

    • A pre-workshop discussion regarding the theme and colour palette of your art piece - will include taking/sharing pictures of the space as part of her visualisation and preparation process.
    • Preparation of an inspiration/mood board for your workshop to get you inspired.
    • All materials including paints, mediums, tools and (either) 1 canvas approximately 1m x 1m or 2 smaller canvases approximately 60cm x 60cm (there are different options available which will be discussed prior and will depend on what is best suited to your space(s).
    • Platter / nibbles and beverage(s).
    • A technique sample page/board which you'll create, and take home.
    • 3.5hours of pure education, creativity, fun and memories!
    • A completed piece of unique artwork, lacquered and wired.

    PN. Your painting may need finishing touches and drying time in which Greer will complete, lacquer and wire ready for collection.


    Framing options will also be available using either Greer's framing partner - quote can be provided, or you can choose your own framing options or you may choose to have no frame.


    You will also need to wear comfortable clothing (suitable for getting a little messy!).


    Best of all, this workshop is all about letting go, feeling free, and having a wonderful time!

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