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Maybe it’s just my obsession with dragonflies and the instant warmth they give when they visit me? Is it the iridescent wings which make them so beautiful, or their ability to hover? I'm not really sure but I do feel a strong connection with loved ones who have passed - are they visiting souls, here to remind us of our grounding and path in life?

I just love creating their wings as the process feels like I am revisiting a past journey, mapping it out for others to see. They represent not only the path they've been on but their personalities too.

This beautiful piece has been created from my own healing journey, tapping into my inner energies. Original is in acrylics with medium and high flow, using a combination of applications and techniques - brushes, fingers, water - spray, watercolour techniques and canvas rotation/movement. In the finishing layers, I have used solidified paint stick and a varnish top coat to protect the work. All in harmony, created with heart and soul and a deep passion for my work.

Acrylic on quality canvas hand made locally - 60cm x 90cm.

Currently at Port Admiral.

Visiting soul print

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