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We always seem to be racing; rushing here, rushing there. Everything is urgent, nothing can wait, and we seem to be doing this all for everyone else, taking ourselves and our own well being for granted.

We need to slow down our pace, sit still, be quieter and look within, hugging our self care far more attention. We need to start looking after ourselves more and stop taking life for granted. Start appreciating the little things, the simple things, the bright colors, nature - stop for as many ‘moments’ as we can and take ‘life’ in.

This beautiful piece was inspired by the overwhelming fear of life happening too fast and not living it - instead, taking so much beauty for granted. This is about that little reminder we all need every now and again.

Acrylic and mixed media on

75cm x 90cm. Whilst this piece is unframed, framing is optional and a quote can be provided upon enquiry.

Currently at Cafe Verde, Fairview Park, South Australia

The small things in life

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