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This original piece will be a part of SALA 2023 exhibition titled - A mindful State at The Gallery, St Peters Town Hall from 1 - 31 August.

'The road trip' - 91 x 76cm

Growing up, I remember the family road trips, even if it was just a day out with a packed thermos and sandwiches. Driving through the Adelaide foot hills or across the border into Victoria, driving past, and through the many beautiful landscapes. And in my later years, the road trips took us alongside mountain ranges, open fields and vineyards, with scaling levels of nature and changing landscapes off into the distance exhibiting the years gone by; the wild life making themselves at home along the road side, finding something to eat, landing and taking off, or just sitting and observing the passers bye. These three magpies represent their own families and generations, as well ad their fellow species.

This beautiful piece has been created from my own healing journey, tapping into my subconscious and expressing inner energies. Revisiting beautiful childhood memories which were taken for granted for a while. Mediums: acrylics with medium and high flow, using a combination of applications and techniques - brushes, fingers, water - spray, watercolour techniques and canvas rotation/movement. In the finishing layers, I have used aerosol, solidified paint stick with a varnish top coat to protect the work. All in harmony, created with heart and soul and a deep passion for my work.

Please direct enquiries via my contact page on my website. This piece is for sale prior however it must be exhibited for the duration of the exhibition.

The road trip

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