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The many hands who have touched this canvas, stroke by stroke, hidden yet visible within the background, will help heal many.

This incredible piece of work has had its journey - it started at my Longest Table event back in August 2023 with over 30 people contributing to it. Over time, I have built upon the touch of many, to create this magnificent statement piece which the majority of funds from the sale, will go to the Hospital Research Foundation to support finding a cancer free future.

The hand represent ‘healing energy’ whilst the bright colours show us emotion, vulnerability, happiness and good health ftt try on healing. The hummingbirds are a small reminder that life moves fast, in all directions, and that we need to surround ourselves with the healing hands of those who serve us, protect and heal us, and give us love and light.

Painted in acrylic on canvas 91 x 91cm, varnished and signed.

Healing hands

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