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This is a one-off beautiful piece of Greer Tappert Art n Leather designed and hand crafted in Adelaide, South Australia by Greer Tappert (Artist) & Danielle Hueppauff (design and Leather work).


The original artwork is titled ‘Fire ball’ and it has been carefully integrated with genuine leather (colour: red).


A magnetic stud elegantly closes the case, decorated with a single Swarovski crystal.


This piece is signed and the artwork has been varnished for extra protection. Each piece comes with a care instruction to help you protect your Art n Leather master piece.

Glasses case - ‘Fire ball’

  • We recommend you treat this unique creation with much love and care.

    The art - whilst the artwork has been given 2 layers of a protective varnish, treat it as you would a piece of original art. The leather - this piece of leather has been hand-picked by our team and hand-crafted to work with the artwork. Like many things however, nothing is perfect, therefore you may find from time to time small imperfections in the leather which we believe is all a part of its uniqueness and story.

    We hope it makes you smile, you feel special when you use it and you're proud to show it off to your family and friends - beautiful colours make the world a better place.

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    Artwork & leather design 2023

    Facebook: @greercandothat | Instagram: @greer_can_do_that

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