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Growing up in the Adelaide foothills we were constantly surrounded by the magnificent gum trees. The smell of fresh eucalyptus, the buzzing bees amongst the flowers, the swaying of the branches and flickers of leaves in the breeze. I would look at them everyday, but not notice them, their magnificence, their beauty - but that would come in my later years as I learn to appreciate purpose in life; not just my own but theirs too.

This statement piece has been created from my own healing journey, tapping into my subconscious and expressing inner energies. Mediums: acrylics with medium and a high flow, using a combination of applications and techniques - brushes, hand and fingers, water - spray and watercolour techniques, dripping, and canvas rotation and movement. In the finishing layers, I have used aerosol, solidified paint stick with a varnish top coat to protect the work. All in harmony, created with heart and soul and a deep passion for my work.

87cm x 62cm - wired ready to hang. It comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Currently at The Port Admiral Hotel, Port Adelaide

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