Watercolour & Illustrations

As a Watercolour Artist and Illustrator I love to experiment with both, together - I let the watercolour work its often, unpredictable magic, then overlaying it with complete control of my unique illustration work.  My style is not realism, it's unique, and simply a result of a vision that I have which is bought to life by a sense of unpredictable control. 

If you are looking for a unique watercolour - something special, visit my shop to see if you can find it, and if not, let's chat about what I can create for you!

Artist for Cardly.net

As an Artist for Cardly.net - a global online card platform, select one of my designs, write (type) in your card and it gets printed and posted to anywhere in the UK, US, Aust, Canada and NZ for $6.45


Cardly proudly supports Artists and yes, I earn a small commission each time you support me - so thankyou.

Examples of my watercolour & illustration work