Barn owls are especially secretive and like to remain hidden. Very rarely seen, they have the ability to hide and strike when they need to; they have developed better eyesight than most other types of owls, hunting in complete darkness. 


I am drawn to owls - barn owls in particular; we had a family member who was very fond of them, and whenever we visited her home (and still do, to visit her husband)  I would enjoy seeing her extensive 'owl' collection.


In particular Noeline loved barn owls, evident by her delicate paintings of owls on silk, as part of her collection. Oh such memories... 'Hidden Beauty' is a tribute to Noeline and her passion for owls.


105cm x 80cm, painted in acrylic, incorporating pearlescent aquas and irridescent pinks for complete contrast - illuminating the surrounding to highlight this beautiful bird who is rarely seen. Varnished for protection and signed, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Hidden beauty

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