Known for their boisterous little chirp, small petite frame and high energy, the Zebra Finch represents a joyous, creative life. I have surrounded them in vibrant yet oranges and yellows, complimented with the cooler greens, blues, and mint, aswell as earthy tones of peach and bronze to remain d us of their habitat.

The Zebra Finch in spiritual form symbolizes liveliness and enthusiasm  in your life. To seek brighter days on the horizon. They also represent communication, family, harmony, health and beauty, whilst reminding us of the attributes of appreciation, harmony, positivity, optimism and simplicity. 

91cm x 91cm - Original acrylic on canvas, signed and varnished for protection. Comes with a certificate of Authenticity.

Available for viewing at Tinglish Restaurant, Thebarton, Adelaide.

Happiness on the horizon