About Greer can do that

Hi, I'm Greer Tappert, an Artist who is inspired by 'Inspiring YOU'!

I love all things 'ART'- it's pretty simple for me. My work and style across the different mediums is diverse, from tight illustration work to magnificent watercolours, to large textured acrylic creations on canvas, glass, surfboards, you name it...Greer can do that! My biggest inspiration is YOU - I'm inspired by making people smile simply because they enjoy looking at my work - THAT inspires me.


My work expresses my sensitive yet bold and colourful personality, as well as my inspiration which comes from people, mother nature, all creatures great and small. I use bright colours, textured application, and many layers - each layer representing emotion and depth to the work I produce. I am 100% creative and 200% passionate. I'm always experimenting and creating unique work as I'm always inspired.

I specialise in acrylic, watercolour and illustrations and more recently I've been experimenting with digital art. I have also created characters, set designs, theatre production backdrops, been a makeup artist, and I'm also creating the illustration work for a children's book.

My work is available online and most pieces are exhibited, ongoing at Tinglish Restaurant, 54A George Street, Thebarton, South Australia and Rosenvale Winery, Barossa Valley. I have a studio in Semaphore and also visit home, office or business to discuss your unique pieces and to get a feel of the space, decor and environment.


If you are after something unique, please get in touch so we can have a chat and subscribe to my 'Greer Can Do That's Creative Updates' below to see my new releases, events and latest activities!